Cool Sorption your service partner

Have you considered entering into a service agreement and optimising the operation of your Vapour Recovery Unit? The right service is a question of combining your service requirements with the most suitable maintenance approach, so that you will get an optimum and profitable result. We suggest that the choice of service concept is considered at an early stage, while investing in your new VRU. Of course, it is always possible to enter your VRU, of all brands, into a service agreement at any stage of its lifecycle.

Our service concept

Service and maintenance are provided by our skilled service engineers who utilize the collected competences from our experienced service team. Our portfolio of service support options
leverages this expertise to assist you throughout the service lifecycle.

At Cool Sorption, we have made it a key topic to clarify and cover your service needs. We contribute to everyday safety of your site. We know uptime is crucial to your business and that your unscheduled downtime needs to be minimized. Our flexible service agreements are designed to comply and exceed your expectations.

Service concept

Preventive Maintenance

Some of the services that we can offer:

  • Periodic replacement and extern calibration of safety valves – to ensure that safety and legislation requirements are met.
  • On-site Pressure transmitter calibration with accredited instrument – to avoid process failures and to ensure economical operation of the VRU.
  • On-site Vibration measurement on VRU pumps – to predict in due time when to plan for overhaul.
VRU Maintenance

We have made packages so we can keep the price down and ensure short implementation time:

  • ECO-mode to save energy
  • SCADA and PLC upgrade packages
  • Instrument replacement packages
  • Pump renovation or upgrades
  • Active Carbon replacement (we are performing carbon capacity tests before advising for replacement)