Our range of pre-designed, standardized and competitive vapour recovery units encompasses more than 35 years of experience and a record covering more than 320 VRUs installed worldwide. Each recovery unit supplied is specifically selected, utilizing detailed knowledge about your terminals’ requirements. We will always ensure that the most appropriate design is selected for each unit.We follow our products’ cycle of life to provide the best possible service and maintenance based on our global experience. With the largest services team in Europe, we have extensive experience in providing commissioning and start-ups, troubleshooting, capacity tests and system revamps.

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Depot series

The Depot SeriesTM vapour recovery units is a range of fully standardized units for small and medium sized installations – typically truck loading facilities. The extreme degree of standardization enables us to provide the client with detailed and comprehensive installation instructions at a very early stage. After delivery to site, the new vapour recovery unit can often be installed and commissioned in 8-10 working days.

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Terminal series

The Terminal SeriesTM is a range of pre-engineered vapour recovery unit systems for ship loading installations or large combined truck and rail loading facilities. The Terminal SeriesTM is based on standardized building blocks, enabling us to adapt each vapour recovery unit to the specific application in the most economic and reliable way.

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Customised systems

Customized systems

Cool Sorption has supplied more specialized and more very large vapour recovery unit's than any other supplier in the world. Our success with these systems is based upon a profound understanding of volatile organic compounds, a scientific approach, state-of-the art design tools and not least - a very long experience with execution of large and customized vapour recovery unit projects.

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Our VRU Technology

In Cool Sorption, we base our design on our many years of experience in the business. Due to this, you can be sure that when you buy a Cool Sorption VRU, you buy a quality unit that will perform as promised and with a long lifetime and high availability. If you want to learn more about our process or about how we ensure the high quality of our units, you can read more about our technology below. You can also read more about what unique design features we include as standard in our units to ensure high quality and lifetime of your purchase here.

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The CVA Process

Most of our units are based on the Carbon Vacuum Adsoprtion (CVA) process. The main components of the process is two or three activated carbon beds, a vacuum pump and an absorber tower. Click on here to learn more about how the CVA process works.

Vacuum Pump Technology

A very important component in our CVA process is the vacuum pump, which is used to clean the activated carbon filters. In Cool Sorption, our standard vacuum pump is the rotary vane pump due to price, energy efficiency and robustness. Learn more about why we prefer this pump here.

Activated Carbon

The heart of the CVA process is the adsorption of hydrocarbons on activated carbon. In order to ensure high efficiency and long lifetime of the activated carbon, type, quality and careful design of the process using the activated carbon is important. We have published an article about this in Tank Storage Magazine. Read it and learn more here



Specifying and sizing vapour recovery systems can be very complex. A sound, basic set of data and assumptions are crucial for the optimal design of a vapour recovery unit. Factors such as vapour growth, vapour composition, pollutants (i.e. H2S), simultaneous factors for loading rates, absorbent composition, emission points, safety, plot size and many other issues are crucial to define correctly from the beginning. Cool Sorption has 35 years of experience and an enormous knowledge base to draw on. Starting with a study by Cool Sorption is often a very good investment.

Brownfield Services


Several existing vapour recovery units are in a stage where their performance is no longer optimal. Regardless of the original manufacture, Cool Sorption offers to perform a detailed review of an existing unit and submit a report with recommendations for the installation. This may comprise additional equipment, replacement of carbon, upgrade of control system and other small or large changes in the process.

As a result of the strong service and after-sales commitment, the latest data show that the overall average availability of a Cool Sorption vapour recovery unit is above 98%.