Five good reasons for using Vapour Recovery

  • Reduce VOC impact on the environment
  • Comply with legislation on reduced emission
  • Protect human health
  • Increase safety on the terminal
  • Recover a valuable product

Good reasons

Our Story
For over 35 years Cool Sorption has been a dedicated supplier of Vapour Recovery Units (VRU) with over 320 systems installed world-wide. Over the years Cool Sorption has invested to bring to the market world-class technology to the global market and has delivered the world’s largest VRU’s. The company is headquartered in Glostrup, Denmark.


1982 – Cool Sorption A/S is established in Denmark

1994 – Cool Sorption sells her first Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) using Carbon Vacuum-regenerated Adsorption (CVA) technology

1996 – The world’s largest VRU at the time – “Sture” (vapour flow up to 24.000 m3/h)– is delivered in Norway to Norsk Hydro

1997 – 50% of Cool Sorption shares are acquired by Aker Kværner and the company changes the logo

1998 – Successfully delivered and commissioned a CVCP system to Shell in GB. In this system the vapours are compressed and condensed, eliminating the need for absorbent circulation

2002 – Cool Sorption’s first VRU is delivered in Russia. The remaining shares of Cool Sorption are acquired by Aker Group

2003 – 2009 – Supplied 7 different crude oil VRU’s for installation onboard ships

2008 – Cool Sorption becomes Aker Cool Sorption and starts using Aker Solutions logo

2009 –  “Mongstad”, currently the world largest VRU (vapour flow up to 36.000 m3/h) is delivered in Norway to Statoil

2010 – In order to reduce lead time, installation cost and maintenance cost, Cool Sorption introduces two standardized series: Depot SeriesTM (vapour flow from 120 – 1.460 m3/h) and Terminal SeriesTM (vapour flow from 1.900 – 10.700 m3/h)

2013 – “Jurong” (vapour flow up to 32.000 m3/h) is delivered in Singapore to Hyundai

2014 – Aker Solutions is split into two companies, Aker Solutions and Akastor. Aker Process Systems becomes an independent company under Akastor and changes its name to Fjords Processing. Cool Sorption is a subsidiary of Fjords Processing and goes back to using her original name and changes her logo.

2016 – Fjords Processing is sold to National Oilwell Varco and Cool Sorption now reports directly to Akastor.