Cool Sorption A/S is a major supplier of Vapour Recovery Units (VRU) and systems. Cool Sorption enjoys a complete product portfolio, which ranges from small compact units to the industry’s most complex systems, making it a recognized technology provider worldwide. Cool Sorption generally consider systems based on activated carbon to be the best available technology for recovery of gasoline, crude oil and most other Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) vapours.

Cool Sorption Story

Our Story

Cool Sorption has a solid record of accomplishment, having delivered some of the largest Vapour Recovery Units in the world.

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Cool Sorption’s experienced and skilled management team, is responsible for day-to-day management and value creation for clients and shareholders.


Cool Sorption is controlled by Diamond Key International Pty Limited. More information about DKI Group – of which Diamond Key International Pty Limited is the parent – can be found at www.diamondkey.com