Cool Sorption A/S, with its base in Denmark, provides world-class vapour recovery technology, systems and services to oil and gas installations worldwide. As a dedicated supplier of pre-designed and competitive vapour recovery units which encompasses the experience and knowledge from a record covering more than 30 years of experience and more than 300 units installed worldwide, we will find the right solution to your terminal.

We aim to be market leader in developing, providing, servicing and maintaining our vapour recovery units. We follow our products cycle of life to provide the best possible service and maintenance based on our experience.

Cool Sorption was acquired into the Aker group in 2002, and is today part of Akastor.

Cool Sorption Story

Our Story

Cool Sorption has a solid record of accomplishment, having delivered some of the largest Vapour Recovery Units in the world.

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Cool Sorption’s experienced and skilled management team, is responsible for day-to-day management and value creation for clients and shareholders

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Cool Sorption is today part of Akastor. Since its founding in 1982, Cool Sorption has focused exclusively on VOC emission abatement technology and has developed into a leading player in the business

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