The Depot Series™ units are based on the use of a rotary vane vacuum pump, and are available in a range of sizes, dependent on the loading capacity of the terminal. The units cover seven standard sizes and we are confident that the range will fully meet the loading capacities of your terminals.

At depots and terminals the requirements for full functionality and easy installation are paramount to the selection of a vapour recovery unit.

Our Depot Series™ units are designed specifically for this purpose. Furthermore, using pre-engineered, standard designs provides a number of specific advantages for our customers:

  • Short lead time
  • Low installation time and cost
  • Low running cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High reliability
  • High level of safety and functionality

Through adherence to our standard design and scope of supply we are able to offer units at very attractive prices and with a short lead time, fulfilling your needs for an expedited project completion.


A pre-engineered solution

Our Depot Series™ is a range of seven pre-designed and standardised VRU models, designed for truck and rail
loading terminal operations. The VRUs utilise the same components and are engineered to the same high standard
as those you have come to expect from all our VRUs. Only well-known and respected suppliers known to deliver
high quality equipment are used. All our systems are constructed in accordance with internationally recognised standards and codes.

Although the Depot Series™ has been designed with truck loading terminals in mind, the continuous duty flows
found in tank filling and barge and ship loading operations can also be readily accommodated.

The vapour loading profiles have been developed to ensure a reasonable level of utilisation based on a number of loading bays or loading arms.

  • Average inlet hydrocarbon concentrations, 40% vol.
  • Emissions, from 35g/Nm³ to 150mg/Nm³

Depot Series™ VRUs are all based on the use of rotary vane vacuum pumps. These vacuum pumps offer an extremely reliable and economical operation.

Cool Sorption has been using rotary vane vacuum pumps in our vapour recovery system designs since 2002. During this time we have found that this technology offers many advantages over the conventional liquid ring vacuum pump (LRVP) design:

  • No glycol loop required: as such all the ancillary equipment required by the LRVP is eliminated, using dry vacuum pumps greatly simplifies the design of the VRU
  • High level of reliability
  • Safe operation: the rotary vane vacuum pumps are tested to a pressure of 20barg
  • Easy to maintain: maintenance of the rotary vane vacuum pumps is performed on site, including full dismantle and reconstruction
  • Lower power requirements

Advantages of of a pre‑engineered solution:

  • High reliability – well-proven technology
  • All interface engineering available
  • Fast delivery between 20 and 24 weeks
  • Competitive price without compromise

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Download the DS Series catalogue here.